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Aug 1, 2013 4:00pm PDT
the missile defense program. what are we going to do, nuke russia because they have snowden? how mental are we? by the way, so look, of course how you frame the question, the polls mean a lot. and that is the difference between some of the polls. but this is two polls in a row with nearly identical numbers when they asked the same question. whistle blower or traitor. and over the course of two weeks. if 55% of america--if 34% of america thinks he's--let's bear in mind the legality of what he did, the constitutionality of what he did is no way dependent on people perceive him as a traitor. but what did he is legal, and it doesn't matter if public opinion turns against him. >> i'm almost shocked in this age of the rhetoric we see around labor unions, consum conr protection, that whistle blowers don't test positively at all. i'm not sure that the right ha s destroyed what it means to be a whistle plower,. >> cenk: the right and president obama. now thi. >> to collect all internet activity, everything they can collect, store it, and then allow their analysts, low-level analysts with
Jul 30, 2013 4:00pm PDT
. his defense attorney seen here speaking to supporters today at fort meade described the army private as a young any eave soldier who thought he could make the world a better place. last month, julian assange defended him. >> a good man, the charges are political. cenk: who believes that bradley manning committed an act of espionage. five acts of espionage. who did he commit it with? who did he give the information to? the american people. how is that espionage? it's not like he gave it to the russians, the chinese. this is absurd, in sane. he's not guilty of aiding the enemy, not guilty of linking jen crypted video, but guilty of espionage, theft, according to this court martial. he's not going to get a life sentence, because that was aiding the enemy, but i still faces up to 136 years in prison. sentencing begins tomorrow, but he could get up to as many as 136 years. now let me drink in my panel, david sirota joins us, a syndicated columnist and author of i'll take over the uprising and back to our future. welcome to "the young turks." ana kasparian and jayar jackson join us. david,
Jul 24, 2013 4:00pm PDT
, but in this case the defense is pushing for the probable cause hearing to happen while the prosecutors want to build their case. the judge allowed the prosecutors to keep the case continuing. aaron hernandez was not saying so much, but listen to what he had to say when he did have an opportunity to speak. >> this is a place that not only did it change my future from them paying me, but it changed me as a person. you can't come here and act reckless and do your own stuff. i came here acting the way i wanted to act but you get changed by the patriot way. now that i'm a patriot i'm living like one and making the right decisions for them. >> cenk: all right apparently not. now that was his comments on the patriots. i want to get back to that in a second. i want to get back to how he has deflated as you mentioned his appearance in a second. first i have a legal question for you robin. as i started to look through the evidence. we talked about this case and all the different cases that involved aaron hernan hernandez and there is evidence floating around. but when you look at thi
Jul 25, 2013 4:00pm PDT
defense has been around for centuries and centuries. what we've done in recent years is tinker with it. you've always had the castle doctrine, you had the right to defend your home, your castle. if somebody kicks in your front door, you're don't have to run out the back. southern states have taken that outside the home to where you know he can be the aggressor as george zimmerman clearly was and still ever the right to claim self defense. i don't know how you train your children to properly walk to the store to buy iced tea and skittles. cenk: j.d. said why couldn't trayvon stand his ground. some guy comes up, trayvon stands his ground and now they say well he had it coming if he got shot. andrew, i understand the second amendment, i understand the gun owners want to protect their rights and all that stuff, we've heard it a million times but do non-gun owners, they don't have the same rights, they can't stand their ground, if they fight back and they can be executed and it's totally fine? i don't get it. >> that's an interesting question. actually, i think kirsten powers said what i
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4